knowledge begins with the senses: immanuel kant

We’ve come to understand that the key to being creative and innovating is having an enquiring mind. But those who take creativity one step further possess something more – they must be willing to push the boundaries, to challenge conventional thinking and to stand out on their own. They must dare to be different.

It is our privilege to work with some of these people.
This site reflects our engagement with (or inspiration from) people who take the world not as it is, but as what it could be.

Part inspired by the law, part inspired by art, science and life itself, we hope this site brings the law to life and life to the law…because we don’t live in a vacuum (and nor should we practice law in one).

Josephine Inge / Michael Bates Founders,
Jipra Pty Ltd

Jipra: discovery is not accidental


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